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 Absolute Confidential Counseling is a counseling agency that helps people in the Oklahoma City, OK area overcome their depression, anxiety, anger, and life altering issues. Find the peace of mind you seek.

Scheduling a therapy session with Absolute Confidential Counseling is a wise choice because:

We have over 15 years of psychological counseling experience. 

We offer individual, adolescent and couples therapy services. 

We provide an calming and comforting environment. 

Our team of experienced, dedicated, and caring professionals are here to listen to YOU. 



Therapists are committed to helping you cope with life issues and mental health concerns. Absolute Confidential Counseling provides a variety of counseling and therapy options in Oklahoma City, OK.

Trust a qualified therapist to help you regain your confidence and find inner peace with individual therapy sessions. We specialize in evidence based treatments such as, cognitive behavioral therapy and reality therapy.  

Anger Management Therapy

To help you understand the psychology of what triggers your anger and find ways to cope with your emotions. Go here to learn more. 

Child and Adolescent Therapy

To teach children how to manage stress and develop better problem-solving skills through client focused counseling. Go here to learn more.

Couples Therapy and Marriage Counseling

To address your communication issues and teach you how to improve mental health by resolving conflicts in your relationship. Go here to learn more.

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Call 405-682-9000 today to set up a mental health assessment or counseling appointment.

Therapeutic Services

Individual Therapy


One on one counseling to improve your individual daily life and build self-esteem.

Couples & Marriage Counseling


Reinvigorate your relationship and work on putting the energy back where you want it to be. Counseling can and does help couples every day!

Anger Management


Learn critical mental health skills in managing difficult and frustrating situations that lead to outbursts. Our YOU focused counseling is critical to creating a positive psychology plan.

Child & Adolescent Therapy


 If your child is exhibiting behavioral problems, needs help making friends or is struggling to cope with the grief of losing a loved one, our child counseling services can help. 

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