Why choose Absolute Confidential Counseling?

Absolute Confidential Counseling is a counseling agency that helps people in the Oklahoma City, OK area overcome their depression, anxiety, anger, and life altering issues. We also work to boost self-confidence, improve social skills, and replinish damaged or rocky relationships. 

Scheduling a therapy session with Absolute Confidential Counseling is a wise choice because:

We have over 15 years of psychological counseling experience
We offer individual, adolescent and couples therapy services
We provide a calming and comforting environment.

Repair Your Relationship

Participate in marriage counseling to resolve your relationship concerns


We offer extremely low rates for individuals and families who don't have insurance.

We accept most insurance providers including: Sooner Care, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and Health Choice.

Individual Therapy

Learn ways to overcome your depression and anxiety.

Individual Therapy

Child & Adolescent Therapy

Help your child learn how to process emotions.

Child & Adolescent Therapy

Anger Management

Develop anger coping skills.

Anger Management

Couples & Marriage Counseling

Revive the passion in your relationship.

Couples & Marriage Counseling

Learn to Control Your Anger

Discover how anger management classes can help you

Find the Peace of Mind You're Searching For

Trust an experienced counselor in Oklahoma City, OK

Therapists are committed to helping you cope with life issues and mental health concerns. Absolute Confidential Counseling provides a variety of counseling and therapy options in Oklahoma City, OK.

Trust a qualified therapist to help you regain your confidence and find inner peace with individual therapy sessions. We specialize in evidence based treatments such as, cognitive behavioral therapy and reality therapy.

We also provide:

Anger management therapy-to help you understand what triggers your anger and find ways to cope with your emotions

Child and Adolescent therapy-to teach children how to manage stress and develop better problem-solving skills

Couples therapy and marriage counseling-to address your communication issues and teach you how to resolve conflicts in your relationship

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