Discover the Benefits of Play Therapy in Oklahoma City, OK

Discover the Benefits of Play Therapy in Oklahoma City, OK

Child therapy can help your child communicate more effectively

Absolute Confidential Counseling in Oklahoma City, OK specializes in child and adolescent therapy. We offer play therapy services to teach your child how to process and express their emotions in a positive way. If your child is exhibiting behavioral problems, needs help making friends or is struggling to cope with the grief of losing a loved one, our child therapy services can help.

Playing is how children learn and develop. Playing with other kids teaches children how to understand and respond to the world around them. During your child's play therapy session, they will play with board games, dolls, puzzles, miniature cars, markers and other familiar items. While your child is playing, the therapist will communicate with them to discover how they feel about their relationships with others. This will help your child to build healthy relationships, learn to communicate their emotions in a proper way and develop better problem-solving skills.

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7 benefits of play therapy

Absolute Confidential Counseling offers child therapy services to residents of the Oklahoma City, OK area.

Scheduling play therapy for your child will help them:

  1. Develop an internal source of evaluation
  2. Engage in self-determined decision making
  3. Become more self-accepting
  4. Experience a feeling of control
  5. Relate to others
  6. Process emotions
  7. Manage stress

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